New York Wire Products

New York Wire

Category: Door Components
New York Wire
Subcategory: Screens/Systems
Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel

New York Wire is the leading brand of insect screening in hardware distributors and retail outlets. Our products can be found on the shelves at home centers and hardware stores across the country.

Category: Roofing
New York Wire
Subcategory: Animal Control Screen

Fine enough to be an effective filter and keep bees and bugs out of the attic, yet strong enough to withstand damage from birds and squirrels.

Category: Room Enclosures
New York Wire
Subcategory: Porch Enclosures, Storm/Screen Enclosures

New York Wire offers a variety of screens including screens offering better visiblity without comprimising durability. A heavy-duty fiberglass mesh designed for use in pool, patio, porch and sun room enclosures is ideal for larger openings where extra strength is needed.