Mr. Heater Products

Mr. Heater

Category: Heating & Cooling
Mr. Heater
Subcategory: Heaters, Outdoor Heaters
Burn Type: Kerosene, Portable, Propane, Radiant, Vent-Free Wall Mount

Mr. Heater's specialized heating products brings comfort to millions of people where they live, work and play.

Category: Lawn & Garden
Mr. Heater
Subcategory: Torches

Mr. Heater's torches not only burns weeds and stumps but also melts ice and snow.

Category: Lighting & Electrical
Mr. Heater
Subcategory: Gaslights

Go off the grid. Mr. Heater's indoor/outdoor gaslight provides 11 hours of natural light per pound of propane, without any electricity or batteries.